Online Video Counseling in Louisiana & Hawaii 

Ashley Clark Comegys, LCSW Anxiety Counseling for Women with Anxiety in New Orleans, Mililani & Pearl City

You’re overwhelmed and anxious. Struggling to just make it from one moment to the next.

You find yourself comparing your life to other women, and wondering how they keep it all together.

You never anticipated life being so hard, and you do not understand how your life has become this story you are living. Things cannot keep going this way, but you don’t know how to make change happen, or fit it into your busy schedule.

Whether you are feeling overwhelmed and anxious from life changes like becoming a first-time mom or graduating from college, from a loss of a loved one, or a traumatic experience, I can help you feel calm, find balance, and begin to heal.

Life is already busy, so it can be hard to find time to fit one more thing into your schedule. That is why I specialize in providing video and online counseling. This allows you to meet with me in a place and at a time that works for you. Maybe it is while the kids nap, in between classes or meetings, from your car on your lunch break, or from the safe comfort of your couch.

My specialties include working with young women, helping women process through their experiences with grief and loss, and learning how to find wholeness after a traumatic experience. Through video online therapy I work with women in New Orleans, LA, Mililani, HI and Pearl City, HI. But you don’t have to be located in one of those cities for help! Online video counseling allows me to work with clients who are located anywhere in the states of Louisiana or Hawaii.

Click on any of the links below to learn more about my specialties. Call 504-534-5636 or click to email to schedule your free 15 minute phone or video consultation.